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Authentic Wayuu Bags

100% handmade limited edition Wayuu bags are a rare art. Only small quantities are made due to the complexity and method to produce a single Beautiful Wayuu bag. Only one type, limited edition, large

Handmade in Colombia by women of the Wayuu tribe, Each original Wayuu backpack represents approximately 10-15 work days for a single artisan using crochet and knitting techniques. The beautiful backpacks are of superior quality and their patterns are complex. The straps are hand woven with extreme precision and detail.

Made in the desert of La Guajira, Colombia by the Wayuu indigenous people.

Specifications: Wayuu Bag large backpack

Length: 29-32 cm
Height: 23-26 cm
Strap: 98-102 cm

Please note: the measurements are approximate.

For the purchase of this beautiful backpack, you will receive a surprise gift.